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.: AC: Charlie Alcorn :. by IllyPyon
.: AC: Charlie Alcorn :.


◆ p r o f i l e

"I'm not the type to space around ... haha get it?"

Name Charlie Nathaniel Alcorn 
November 7th
 55 kg/121 lbs
Voice Sample
Base Salary

◆ p e r s o n a l i  t y


Cheerful | Athletic | Creative | Patient

Curious | Perfectionist

Clingy | Workaholic | Gullible | Oblivious

Charlie is mostly seen as a cheerful individual. He has a bubbly aura around him that tends to lighten up the mood of his friends and family whenever they feel down. He is also a very athletic male, and since he worked in a farm before, he has quite the amount of energy and stamina to assist him with his everyday activities. Other than that, he has quite the creative mind. He is very capable of thinking outside the box to produce unique and fun ideas, and often times he also uses that particular trait to get out of trouble if he needs to. He is also patient. When he talks to people, he doesn’t rush the conversation. Instead, he waits for them to open up and talk to him, and finally engage in friendly conversation.

Sometimes, he may get
curious about the world around him. Since he was raised in the countryside, there are still certain things that he is not familiar with, and he would let himself explore whenever he has the chance. He can also be a little on the perfectionist side, because he likes making sure everything is alright and in check. If something goes wrong, he may get upset.

However, Charlie tends to be rather
clingy, especially towards the people he is close with or towards the people he likes. He might also get touchy at times, but it’s only his way of showing that he cares for them. Being a workaholic, he often overexerts himself from time to time. That is because he doesn’t want to disappoint his department head, and also because as stated before, he can be a little bit of a perfectionist from time to time. Unfortunately, he can be gullible at times. He has a lot of faith in his peers and believes very much in them, so if people say that there are puppies in the closet, he will go check it out. Regardless of the snickers his coworkers emit. Finally, he is an oblivious male. He can never read the current atmosphere and is rather dense towards the emotions of others.

[353 words]

◆ l i k e s / d i s l i k e s

• Anything related to Astronomy
• Being around people
• Challenges


• big dogs
• feeling excluded
• Mayonnaise

◆ B a c k g r o u n d h i s t o r y

Charlie, being born into a middle classed family in the countryside, along with his older twin brother Gilbert, and five other brothers and sisters. Needless to say, his family was an extremely rowdy bunch. He and his twin brother were sort of like the middle children of the family, and because their elder siblings were mostly already in high school and were too busy with their studies, Charlie’s parents relied a lot on him and Gilbert to take care of their younger siblings.

Charlie’s family owned a farm, and it was their main source of income. Although the parents had a few workers to plough the field and take care of the vegetables, it was not an unusual thing for Charlie and his siblings to be seen helping out with the chicken egg collecting or herding the sheep. Charlie had always been an extremely active child, always running around the fields and playing tag with the neighbouring kids as well as his siblings, but Gilbert had been more on the reserved side. Nonetheless, the twin brothers had quite the pleasant childhood.

Since their parents could only afford to send their children to public schools that were closest to their home, Charlie and Gilbert had always been given the task to walk their younger siblings to school and back, so this gave the two males a good sense of responsibility. All throughout their school life, the two brothers were a pretty well known duo. Charlie would be the more outspoken one of the two, being genuinely friendly to everyone around him as well as being quite strong in the sports side. He had won many events every annual sports day, and he was proud of them Gilbert was the more mischievous one, but he often hid that side of him with an innocent persona which people often buy. However, he was also the more intellectual one of the two brothers, and often scored high grades in class. Basically, these two were popular.

It was during the boys’ final year in middle school did they really make a name for themselves. Charlie, who had just recently won the annual volleyball competition with his team for three consecutive years had received a sports scholarship to a technical high school in the city. At the same time, Gilbert had obtained first prize in a special science quiz that was sent out by a high school in the city, who had been looking for students to give scholarships to. Their parents were overjoyed that their sons had achieved such great news, and how the boys would be able to see the world in a new perspective. One thing was saddening for the twins though; the two schools were in different parts of the city. Of course, they agreed to meet up occasionally during the weekends, and they also called or visited home from time to time, but since they were on a scholarship they had to make sure their performance in school were decent.

Charlie came to enjoy his high school. It wasn’t those typical ones like Gilbert’s, because the school would actually teach him about different sets of skills that he may use once he graduated. From plumbing, to culinary arts. Welding to office work, they taught him all. Charlie came to enjoy a certain set of skills – maintenance work. Gilbert was also doing well on his side, going on science competitions and winning. Eventually the two brothers would meet up less and less due to the amount of workload they had on them, especially Gilbert. They did, however, keep in touch frequently. After graduation, the brothers decided to continue staying in the city. For Gilbert’s case, it was because he was going to pursue his studies to become a biochemistry scientist in molecular biology. For Charlie’s case, well, it was because he was curious of the world around him. He had been focused on his studies so he never had time to take in the atmospheres around him, but now he did. And he had to admit, it was very different from his country life.

Now that he graduated, there was no place for him to stay as he was no longer qualified to live in his school’s dormitory. He ended up renting a small, simple apartment unit for him to live in, and started taking on a job in a maintenance company. What they did was basically, a customer would call their company and ask for something to be repaired, and the company would send out their employees to the job. Since Charlie was a newbie, he didn’t get sent out much and his pay was not very high. And so, he decided to take on another job in a nearby 4-star hotel. They were in need of a new maintenance employee as their regular employee had retired, so even though they were reluctant to hire a fresh high school graduate, they decided to hire him because of his dependable records from his technical school.

A long, tiring year of working two jobs, Charlie finally decided he enjoyed doing maintenance work. His employers were also pleased with his overall performance, especially since this was his first time working in the real world. His pay had also increased, and he would occasionally send money back to his home for his parents and younger siblings. Technical school had trained him well. This gave Charlie to confidence and determination to aim for a higher position. He had always wanted to work in another hotel as he preferred the working environment and the working systems that they used. Aspro Corvus, the prestigious hotel that Gilbert had mentioned to him before (as his professors were bragging about their stay in the hotel) sounded like a challenging choice. Deciding to rely on his natural skills and his practiced workmanship, he applied for a maintenance position in the hotel.

[980 words]

◆  t r i v i a

  • He gets really excited when he gets to talk about space. He won’t shut up. e v e r

  • Doesn’t mind small dogs and puppies, but he is incredibly scared of big dogs. To the point where he will run away. While screaming. and crying. A lot.

  • probably only wears underwear with galaxy print tbh

  • He doesn’t know how video games work he is really bad at them

◆  r e l a t i o n s h i p s


RP Method

Timezone GMT+1, Germany
How Lit, script
Where comments, chatroom, skype, tumblr, notes, actually everywhere tbh.


this was totally not weeg


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Name : Illy aka prince tra$shian/HIT
D.O.B: August 23rd 1995
Age: 19
Zodiac: Virgo
Nationality: German
Preferred languages: English and German
current Location: Berlin, Germany

I'm a little bit shy, but please feel free to talk to me, I won't bite for sure! ; v ;

I probably won't seem that active, but I'll try my best to change that!!

Anime-suggestions are always welcome~ ovo))


:bulletred: I currently do not do requests or Art trades. I'm sorry!



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